John Bowen
John Bowen

Organize Your Finances!

Computerize Them!

Or Let Me Do It!

The first step in planning your financial future -- personal or business -- is to know what your situation is today. For many individuals and businesses, that will require improvement in how you track your finances.

After a career as an economic/commercial officer in the U.S. Foreign Service, I began work in 2003 as a personal daily money manager and bookkeeper. I offer you assistance in:

  • organizing, reconciling and computerizing your financial records
  • customizing your financial reports and balancing your accounts
  • preparing and tracking your budget

I have worked with individuals, small businesses, and non-profits in a range of activities:

  • Helping them to install and customize financial software, especially Quicken or QuickBooks
  • Troubleshooting their problems with financial software, or helping them to use it more effectively
  • Balancing their accounts and reconciling their bank and credit card statements
  • Running financial reports and budgeting future expenditures

My goal is to enable you to go to your tax professional, business partner, board of directors, or investment advisor with clear documentation of the financial situation facing you and a solid understanding of your financial requirements and priorities. I guarantee you my conscientious attention and the utmost confidentiality. I subscribe fully to the Code of Ethics of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

I welcome the opportunity to explore with you how I could be of assistance.

Contact me to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation. 

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